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Healthcare costs continue to rise while major healthcare systems, hospitals, and doctors are being forced to reduce the amount they charge for routine services. The Administration is working diligently to implement policy that promises to reform the American healthcare system. At the center of the reform is the implementation of better information technology (IT). The President has promised to digitize all of America's medical records within five years to cut waste, eliminate red tape, and reduce the need to repeat expensive medical tests.

We understand the complexities surrounding the implementation of electronic medical records and have proven solutions that can lessen the burden, risk, and costs that will be incurred by providers, insurers, and government agencies as they improve their use of IT over the next decade. Provided below are examples of how we have leveraged our IT expertise and knowledge of the healthcare industry to successfully implement IT solutions to improve our healthcare system and the lives of millions.

  • AEM, together with Vemics, created and successfully launched iMedicor, the solution for community-based secure messaging for physicians, healthcare professional and patient in the U.S. iMedicor is a HIPAA compliant personal health information exchange solution coupled with a social and professional network so health information can be exchanged for the purposes of referrals and patient communications via both secure messaging and Continuity of Care Records (CCR).  Go to the Information Center for more information. 

  • We have broad experience in the development of managed care, claim processing systems, and call center applications. Our systems have reduced latency and increased the quality of data. We have transformed many of the functions into self-help including claim tracking and on-line remittance advice, reducing costs by millions of dollars.

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