AEM Difference
  • Our Systems Development Life-cycle is CMMI Maturity Level 3
  • Advanced Technology Practice
  • Fixed Price Software Development

Software Development

Today, the demands and pressures placed upon CIOs is greater than ever and the success of their organization is often dependent upon the successful delivery of IT solutions. Unfortunately, the reality is that over 50% of new software development and systems integration efforts fall behind schedule, are over budget, and more than half are never implemented.  At AEM, failure is not an option.  We have an impeccable track record delivering high quality software applications and integrated systems on time, every time.  As a CMMI assessed organization, we are committed to mitigating customer risks inherent in system integration efforts through the use of proven and repeatable processes. In fact we are so confident in our people and processes that we prefer fixed price contracts over other contractual arrangements.  Provided below is a brief description of our service offerings in this area:

Software Engineering.  Our Software Engineering Practice focuses on first understanding our client's business objectives and then translating that knowledge into effective designs.  Simply put, we let the business drive the solution and do not try to retrofit preexisting applications and COTS products when they simply don’t fit.  Once we have a solid design our engineers focus on building the highest quality solutions that are defect free, which we back through performance based agreements and disincentives.

Advanced IT Solutions.  Our Advanced Technology Team is chartered with identifying and becoming proficient in new technology solutions prior to their acceptance within the market.  This allows us to help our customers remain ahead of the curve and prepared for the future. We are early adopters and recognized as an industry leader with many of the latest technologies to include; Professional Open Source, Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, and Identity Management and Provisioning.