AEM Difference
  • Experienced Scientists, Educators and Analysts 
  • Policy, Program and Performance Evaluation Expertise 
  • Strong Technical Assistance Capabilities 
  • Large Scale Data Collection and Analysis
  • Well Honed Research and Evaluation Methodologies   
  • Experts at Decision Analysis Techniques

Research & Evaluation

AEM has extensive experience working with many federal agencies performing program, policy and performance research and evaluation.  Through experience, we have learned that it is the combination of three elements: people, methodology, and technology that determine the ultimate success of research and evaluation. 

Analysis and Evaluation:  For more than two decades, AEM has been a leader in developing innovative evaluation, performance measurement, and decision support frameworks to assist federal agencies in policy and program analysis.  Our cadre of scientists, educators, analysts, consultants, and engineers has broad expertise and experience in the methodologies of research design, public policy analysis, program performance management and analysis, statistical analysis and specific methods for evaluating and interpreting policy and program outcomes.  We are adept in analysis linking institutional, social, and cultural issues and related political reactions to a more comprehensive approach for developing and implementing public policies. We have applied analytical models of public policy to substantive policy sectors including climate change, health care, education, national security, and national energy policies.

Our use of statistical inference, data analysis, and advanced data collection tools helps to cope with the complexities of both human and institutional activities in the real world and to produce more useful information about public policy decision-making and consequences.  We are experts at decision analysis techniques such as the Analytic Hierarchy Process, Kemper-Tregoe, multi-attribute utility measurement, conjoint measurement, and general linear models to assist researchers in the analysis of decisions. 

Research, Data Collection and Analysis:  Our work with many federal agencies has provided AEM with experience in all components of research and assessment design, data collection and analysis.  We are often called upon to conduct all three activities or any combination of them depending upon the needs of our customers.  Regardless of the scope we make certain that the following activities are conducted at the onset of the project to ensure its ultimate success:

  • The end-state purpose of the assessment is clearly defined
  • The data elements required to conduct the assessment are determined
  • The required data sources, providers, and limitations have been identified
  • The data collection method and instruments have been established
  • Data collectors are identified and training needs are determined
  • The timeline for the start and completion of the assessment is set

We have learned firsthand that the answers to the questions raised by the activities described above are often more challenging than one might expect and have developed a set of repeatable processes around designing an assessment, planning for and conducting a data collection and ultimately utilizing the data for analysis. These steps are incorporated within AEM’s methodology for education research, assessment, data collection and analysis projects.