About Aem


AEM is pleased to provide services under the trade name of Vizuri (http://www.vizuri.com/).


Vizuri is the Commercial Division of Applied Engineering Management (AEM), headquartered in Herndon, Virginia.

Vizuri specializes in the advanced development of business commerce systems. They are a seasoned group of professionals whose expertise spans many years delivering results-oriented solutions for the private and public (civil) sectors.

Vizuri invests in Research and Development with industrys' most sought after disciplines and technologies.  From business technology strategies to full scale implementations, Vizuri combines our industry knowledge with technology expertise to create solutions that bring real, tangible value to our clients.  The Vizuri team strives to increase the realized business value of their services by aligning business objectives and systems technology seamlessly.  They work diligently with their customers to deliver measurable returns on their technology investments through Vizuri's solutions.  Vizuri's clients regard them as their partner because they deliver what they promise and are committed to the customers' success.