Transportation is the heart of our economy and quality of life. 

Transportation connects us to our places of business, family, and entertainment, while providing the means of bringing goods and services to our doorstep.  Transportation professionals and agencies provide the infrastructure and services to support the movement of people and goods through various modes.  More and more, transportation agencies must stretch their dollars – doing more with less – to improve their operations, while continuously striving to reduce the number of roadway crashes and fatalities.  Utilizing data and information in new and innovative ways can help transportation agencies maximize the returns on their investments. 

AEM’s Transportation Division brings together subject matter expertise as well as AEM’s 25+ years of experience in the engineering, IT, and software fields, which greatly complement the needs of the transportation profession. 

Below are some challenges that currently face the transportation profession, as well as example experiences that AEM brings to help overcome these challenges:

  • Combining disparate data sources – transportation systems generate data from many disparate sources including roadside devices, vehicles, traffic signal systems, loop detectors, etc.  To create a comprehensive understanding of system performance, all of these data sources need to be combined and analyzed in near-real time to manage the surface transportation system.  AEM’s broad experience developing and managing data systems that gather data from disparate data sources in the educational field demonstrates AEM’s unique ability to leverage data collection technology with highly skilled subject matter experts. 
    • AEM built and maintains the largest post-secondary education data system connecting all higher education institutions, lenders, students, the Departments of Education and Treasury, and the Internal Revenue System gathering and sharing information with all relevant partners in the transaction of college student loans.
  • Performance management - as with most sectors, the surface transportation sector is facing pressures from citizens and Congress to better track return on investment.  The development of performance measures and metrics as well as thresholds of performance is another specialty of AEM. 
    • AEM has built and maintains the largest secondary education data system connecting all state and local education agencies, school districts, and the Department of Education supporting the No Child Left Behind Act through the gathering, analysis, reporting, and storage of over 8 million pieces of on a daily basis from legacy systems.  These data are combined, analyzed, and reported to the Department of Education in support of their initiatives.
  • Sustainable, livable transportation solutions – transportation agencies are seeking solutions that address all modal choices available to the traveler as well as sustainable designs to reduce the impact to the environment. 
    • AEM Engineers have developed multimodal operational analysis techniques for the design of urban Complete Streets that reflect the experience of the traveling public.  In addition, AEM Engineers are LEED Accredited Professionals who can identify and incorporate green design elements for building, construction, and neighborhood development.

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